1. Node Inspector & Blackboard Inspector & Events Inspector & Graph Explorer & Settings

  2. Graph Hierarchy

  3. Toolbar

  4. Node Canvas

  5. Minimap


  1. Minimap on/off

  2. Focus Canvas (Shortcut: F)

  3. Create group from selected nodes (CTRL + G)

  4. Create sub-graph from selected nodes (CTRL + ALT + S)

  1. Align selected nodes to the left (CTRL + Left Arrow)

  2. Align to the right (CTLR + Right Arrow)

  3. Align to the top (CTRL + Up Arrow)

  4. Align to the bottom (CTRL + Down Arrow)

  5. Align automatically (CTRL + A)


You can copy and paste nodes accross different graphs

Move branch

You can move a node branch by holding down the CTRL key while moving the first node of the branch.

Disconnect Node

You can drag a node out of a connection by holding the SHIFT key.

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